UP Energy Saving Campaign

Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (UPNEDA), nominated as State Designated Agency by Government of Uttar Pradesh, welcomes the viewers of this website.

This energy saving campaign has been developed, to create public awareness and to motivate schools to adopt energy efficient equipments & practices, as well as to inculcate healthy energy usage behaviour which is sustainable. The objective of this campaign is to reduce demand of energy in Uttar Pradesh by motivating students as well as their parent/guardians with the active participation of school management.

Energy Saving Tips

We use non-violent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems.

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By registering on this site students and teachers have a golden opportunity to participate in energy saving program.

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This is an interaction program events and activities carried out under energy saving program can be posted here.

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Opening this link will enable you to judge your performance based on various activities carried out.

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On the basis of regular assessments students and schools may get prestigious awards by the Govt of UP.

Total Annual Electricity Saving (kWh)
Total Annual Electricity Cost Saving (Rs)
Appliance Rating / Wattage (W) Quantity No.of Hours of use per day No.of Day Annual Electricity Consumption (kWh) Annual Electricity Bill Cost (IN Rs) Energy Efficient Appliance Energy Efficient Appliance Rating / Wattage (W) Annual Electricity Consumption (kWh) Annual Electricity Bill Cost (IN Rs) Annual Electricity Saving (kWh) Annual Electricity Bill Saving (IN Rs)

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