Uttar Pradesh State Energy Conservation Award-2018
(Award for Excellence in Energy Conservation and Management)

The Awards are presented to industry and other establishments to promote energy conservation among all sectors of economy; and give state recognition to the selected Industrial units and buildings establishments who have made systematic and serious attempts for efficient utilization and conservation of energy in respective assessment years.

This year award category has been increased.


  1. Industries General Category (having connected load 1MW and above, except Thermal Power plant, Fertilizer Industry & Sugar Industry) -- Sector Code: IN-A1
  2. Industries General Category (having connected load less than 1MW) -- Sector Code: IN-B1
  3. Thermal Power Plant -- Sector Code: TP
  4. Fertilizer Industry -- Sector Code: FZ
  5. Sugar Industry – Sector Code: SI
  6. Private Buildings (Shopping Malls/ Plazas/Corporate Offices etc. excluding hotels / hospitals) -- Sector Code: PB
  7. Government Buildings (Central/ State Government offices, Government Agencies/Corporation etc. excluding Govt. hotels / Govt. hospitals) -- Sector Code: GB
  8. Hospital -- Sector Code: HS
  9. Hotel -- Sector Code: HT
  10. Educational Institutions -- Sector Code: EI
  11. Banks (Financial Institutions) -- Sector Code: FI
  12. Architects -- Sector Code: AR


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